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Thu 24 Apr

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: Acoustic open mic night
· Chicks Hotel: OPC, Dinosaur Sanctuary, and Agent Ewok
· Robbie Burns Pub: Jazz at the Robbie
· The Inch Bar: Prestock with The River Jesters

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Dunedin Artists

Jared - Guitar / Vocals
Damo - Bass
Hayden - Drums

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March 28th 2011

If your eardrums aren't broken by wild, shirtless lyrics, bong-rattling bass and competent drum work then you most likely haven't heard Soulseller... yet. Conceived in the womb of South Dunedin this three piece has for the past 2-3 years been slowly, but surely making an impact on the Dunedin, and indeed the New Zealand underground music scene. Imagine the energy of The MC5, the 'go for broke' attitude of GRAND FUNK RAILROAD and the general rock n roll honesty of AC/DC which has in recent times been neglected and degenerated. Combining the old with the new can be heard in the Soulseller sound with names such as cult legends THE OBSESSED, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, MOTORHEAD, THIN LIZZY,GOATSNAKE and of course SABBATH coming to mind. Naming influences however, would really be pointless without seeing these guys in the flesh as Soulseller is an amalgam of many genres most have not heard let alone heard of. More recently they have played and formed friendships with a host of cohorts from Dunedin and abroad such as THE SPASTIC LUCSIOUS NOBODIES, HELTER SKELTER, SECOND GEAR GRIND,THE HOUSE OF CAPRICORN and SLAVETRADER just to name a few. Get into it. - MANU BRAITHWAITE, Good Kunz Extraordinaire

Phone contact: 0212017015